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Ph.D. Candidate in Pathology, Immunology, and Microbiology at Vanderbilt

My work with Dr. Suman Das focuses on the defining the role of both microbiome and mycobiome in respiratory syncytial virus infection outcomes. Early-life RSV infection appears to have a substantial impact on the risk of developing respiratory morbidity, including recurrent wheezing and subsequent asthma in children, and there are currently no primary preventive strategies for these disorders. My work bridges the fields of bioinformatics and microbiology to manipulate the commensal microbiome to enhance health and prevent disease. This work relies heavily on a cotton rat model, whole-metagenome sequencing, disease pathobiology, bioinformatic modeling/statistics, and clinical cohorts.


Das Lab at Vanderbilt University

Using genomics tools, our group studies the underlying mechanisms that contribute to evolution of RNA viruses (i.e., influenza, RSV, rotavirus EEEV, and enterovirus) as well as understanding virus-host-microbiome interactions to identify if the host microbiota contributes to disease severity and long-term outcomes.


Flynt Lab at The University of Southern Mississippi

The Flynt Lab investigates the role of RNA biology in post-transcriptional gene regulation with a major focus on the biogenesis and function of non-coding, small regulatory RNAs. These molecules are most famously known as the effectors of RNAi and have pervasive roles in negative regulation of gene expression and defense against invasive genetic elements (i.e. viruses and transposons). To study these molecules, the group takes a multidisciplinary approach that combines genetics, biochemistry, and bioinformatics with a major emphasis on the use of genome-wide datasets.