Oh Jeremiah

SoFar Nashville // One Place Nashville, Floor 22

Shot for Oh Jeremiah

I listen to a bunch of sad music, but every time Oh Jeremiah shuffles over my speakers, it brightens up the room. I had a chance to sit in on their super-secret SoFar show atop the Nashville skyline that they performed while writing in town for their next album.

Jeremiah Stricklin and his wife, Erin, have been heroes of my hometown (Hattiesburg, MS) ever since they started writing music as Oh Jeremiah. They’ve generated a cult following not just because of their utter love for Mississippi (something that you literally cannot find outside of the state) but also their songs that tell a majestic story, from fights at his hometown’s fountain to his early balding. Every song is a perfect combo of quirky, catchy, current, cool, and creative. The first time I saw them live was on the third date with my now-wife, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Though their setlist was abbreviated (Blue Light, Oh My Brother, Old Emotions, Even if it Kills Me), it makes me further anticipate seeing them again soon in Nashville

Stop what you’re doing and go add their music to your queue. And be on the lookout for their new single, Blue Light, coming out on June 15th. 

Also, go watch the short film they made for their single "Even If It Kills Me” back in February. It’s unbelievable.